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"Staying up to date in my industry has never been easier."
Content on your terms
Ukufu helps you spend less time searching for the content that is most useful to you, and provides tools to organise this content to help you achieve more.
What you can do with Ukufu
Ukufu is an iOS and Android app that monitors content from over 700 sources in real time, and organises the published articles into 50 topics (and growing).
View the latest articles in your topics of interest.
Read your topic feed without distraction from unrelated content or Social Media noise.
Scan topic feeds and mark interesting articles to Read Later.
Save and organise articles into folders for future reference.
Leave short notes on saved articles to help add context (coming soon).
Use targeted search across latest news articles to find what you're looking for.
"Ukufu puts me in the driver’s seat when it comes to reading recent news and information. It is a great time saver. Instead of needing to go to the same half a dozen content sites every day, I can now just use one app to find out what has happened in the world in my areas of interest over the last 24 hours."
Lisa Smith, Content Marketing Specialist

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