Get to know the team

Kevin Garber
Kevin Garber
  • Current Location: Sydney, AU
  • Birthplace: Johannesburg, SA
  • Expertise: Business Development
  • Interests: Music, Surfing, and Philosophy
Josephine Pinto
Product Owner
  • Current Location: Sydney, AU
  • Birthplace: Sydney, AU
  • Expertise: Marketing & Management
  • Interests: Anime, Hiking & Singing
Dr. Joe Logan
Consultant CTO
  • Current Location: Bali
  • Birthplace: Leicester, UK
  • Expertise: Artificial Intelligence        
Sovit Poudel
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
  • Current Location: Kathmandu, NP
  • Birthplace: Kathmandu, NP
  • Expertise: Full Stack Mobile & Web Development
  • Interests: Reading, Playing Guitar and Traveling
Kaidan Grantham
Full-stack engineer
  • Current Location: Toowoomba, AU
  • Birthplace: Griffith, AU
  • Expertise: Software Development
  • Interests: Technology, Music & Cooking
Maria Ermolina
  • Current Location: Sydney, AU
  • Birthplace: Siberia, RU
  • Expertise: Book keeping & Organisation
  • Interests: Travel & Fashion
Alana Middleton
UX Designer
  • Current Location: Sydney, AU
  • Birthplace: Sydney, AU
  • Expertise: User Experience Design
  • Interests: Cooking
Pratigya Subedi
Project Manager
  • Current Location: Kathmandu, NP
  • Birthplace: Kathmandu, NP
  • Expertise: Quality Assurance & Project Management
  • Interests: Travelling & Cooking
Min Kyung Kwon
  • Current Location: Adelaide, AU
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Expertise: UX Design, Graphic Design & Front-End Development
  • Interests: Art, Anime & 3D Animation
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Our Story

Ukufu is pronounced oo-koo-foo.      
The word ‘Ukufu’ is a variation of the Zulu word ‘Ukufunda’ which means to learn.

We launched the first version of Ukufu in September 2019 and our team has been iterating on the product ever since.

Read about the journey so far.

Ukufu’s Mission

We simplify content and notes. Our custom built AI layer powers a feature rich content aggregation and organisation tool.

Ukufu helps users focus their time and efforts on relevant content only, and provides granular organisation and curation capabilities.




Ukufu for web released


Ukufu reaches


Save any external link
into folders feature goes live.



Ukufu ‘Search’ feature released.


Ukufu ‘Folders’ feature goes live.



Company named and registered.


Ukufu conceptualised.
Original inspiration was based on a feature in a product the team had previously worked
on together.

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