Ukufu [oo-koo-foo]

A variation of the Zulu word 'Ukufunda'' which means to learn.

Ukufu's Mission:

Ukufu's mission is bold: Build an intelligence layer around the 10,000 English news-related content pieces that get published every day. Then use this layer to power an easy-to-use category based content aggregation app, that helps professionals efficiently consume content across multiple categories.

What is Ukufu?

Currently, Ukufu is free for all users. Once the product matures we plan on offering a premium version for a monthly subscription. We will never sell your user data to any third party.

Ukufu is an AI powered content aggregation tool for professionals. 

Ukufu provides easy access to content from hundreds of news and information sources. Using the latest Machine Learning technology, Ukufu is able to analyse the text within each of the articles, and categorise the articles into well-defined categories. 

Users can also save articles into their library and easily share content of interest.

Ukufu puts me in the driver’s seat when it comes to reading recent news and information. It is a great time saver. Instead of needing to go to the same half a dozen content sites every day, I can now just use one app to find out what has happened in the world in my areas of interest, eg business and music, over the last 24 hours.

- David Brown, Finance Professional and Amateur Musician

Who are we?

Our headquarters is based in Sydney Australia.

We are a team of technologists, strategists & creators who are passionate about changing the world through improving the breadth and depth of content consumption.

Hence being inspired to name our business Ukufu - from the Zulu word 'Ukufunda' - which means to learn.

Meet the team

The journey
so far...

June 2019: Ukufu conceptualised. Original inspiration was based on a feature in a product the team had previously worked on together.

August 2019: Company named and registered.

September 2019: First version of Ukufu launched on Apple iOS and Google Android.

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